About Us

Welcome to ICE2BET !

The quickest and easiest way of accessing football stats. The sites unique console allows you to analyse all the stats for each game in an instant.

I like football and I like to bet on football.

I try to bet with my head and not my heart, I rely on facts and figures and as such I found myself spending more and more time looking for statistics on players, teams and leagues.

I began to compile my own statistics based on free football results suppliers, like the great football-data.co.uk, but I kept wanting more.

So what started as a hobby turned into an obsession which in turn became ICE2BET.com. I hope you find it as useful as I intend it to be.

If you looking for a soccer statistics information or want make smart bet without difficult and time consuming analysis – you are at right place. This site exposes everything you need to know for soccer statistics in easy to understand and compact form.

We use charts instead of numbers whenever it’s possible. Just quick peek on charts and you have knowledge of an expert.

On this site you can find only relevant soccer statistics information – no unimportant news, no trivial info or any other wasters of your time and Internet bandwidth.

ICE2BET is a great tool for match analysis and makes it easier for you to make football predictions and forecast accurately.

ICE2BET will not predict the upcoming matches, will not tell you what to bet, neither will show you probabilities of type.

ICE2BET will become  your  tool, actually a set of tools for tracking soccer ( football ) betting statistics. It is mainly designed to save your time but you can use it also for tracking your favorite teams ( leagues ) in a very fast and efficient way. It analyzes all past games for all teams and it finds the ” Top 10 ” for some specific betting game.

ICE2BET does track of all past results for all teams and it’s counting betting games.

ICE2BET is a website that provides intelligent algorithm statistical analysis. Here you will find all you need about Soccer. All matches are analyzed by algorithms, calculated the percentage of the best results. Everyone now has a tool that analyzes the statistics and presents them  in extremely simple manner (in percentage) to be perfectly understood by all users.

ICE2BET main activity is to provide to all our visitors unique statistical information with data derived from the processing of our database from more than 50 soccer leagues.

You can use our free tools, with only few clicks you will find you all you need !!! Easiest can’t be 🙂 !!!

Best regards and happy analyzing time 🙂 !!!


Gamble Responsibly.